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Building Confident Swimmers

At Born 2 Swim OKC, students receive so much more than an ordinary swim lesson. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes growth both athletically and personally.

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Registration Fees

$20 Swimmer #1

$15 Swimmer #2

$0 Additional Family Members

Please note the following policies with regards to tuition and payment:



Discount rates are only available when 8 + lessons are purchased at the same time.

Discounts are NOT available when lessons are purchased one at a time, or 4 at a time, or 6 at a time. (Unless in addition to an 8 lesson package that is currently being purchased.)

Payment options are available, clients may purchase as many lessons as they would like, however they are only eligible for discounts when purchasing 8 or more lessons.


Payment Methods

We accept cash, check, or online payments through Paypal


Family Plans

Family Plans are only available for family members. Plans will not be split between friends.


Tuition Deadlines and Renewals

Payments are due at the time of registration (except in the case of pre-registration, please see pre-registration details). Registration is not complete until payment is received.

8 lesson renewals are due by the final lesson of the current 8 lesson package. Reminders and invoices will be sent a few weeks prior. Failure to renew by the deadline will result in the client losing their slot.

Family Plans

Please click the document to view our family plans and packages!

Waiting List

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