From birth, babies have a natural inclination to swim. Parents can encourage instinctual kicking and floating in the water by introducing their infants to the water as soon as they are born. At Born 2 Swim we usually begin working with infants once they reach 6 months old, on occasion we will see a waterbaby as early as 4 months. Our goals in these classes is to teach our infant participants to swim under water for several seconds and then roll them onto their backs for breath. Born 2 Swim reinforces safety and survival techniques by teaching our waterbabies skills such as turning and grabbing onto the wall in case they fall into a pool. The waterbabies class is a parent child class. Our swim instructors are trained to coach the parent how to handle and encourage their waterbaby. The class is also filled with fun games, songs, and toys to keep the little ones happily entertained while learning new skills.

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