Register for our Waiting List

In order to register for swim lessons you must first be on the waiting list. Please fill out the information below.

(There is no cost, information is kept secure, and we contact you only with regards to your waiting list status).

Please note the following waiting list protocols.

When swim lesson slots become available we will text the first 2 people on the waiting list. The first person will be notified of the available time and day and be given 24 hours to claim the slot. The second person will be given a notification that the slot might become available.  If the first person does not claim the slot in 24 hours it will then be offered to the second person who will also be given 24 hours to fill the slot, and at which point the third person will be notified of the availability, and so on. 

Due to high demand we ask for prompt communication when notified of availability, considering that it takes time to make our way down the list. If time slots do not work but you still wish to be on the waiting list, please let us know, and you will remain at the top of the list.

Once you claim a slot you will be given final registration instructions, including your invoice. Lessons are pre-paid through Paypal. 

Please see our documents for registration details and family plans.

Waiting List

Please complete the form below to be added to our waiting list.

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